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Recommended books:

Illustrations of the animals in our everyday lives by Lieke van der Vorst


Helmond, Netherlands based artist Lieke van der Vorst incorprates animals into her whimsical illustrations of everyday life. Lieke’s large furry creatures not only dine, garden and bird-watch, but also appear to protect the people with their watchful presence.

In her artist’s statment, Lieke writes, “I get inspired by the good things around me. Our vegetable garden, cooking, going to the market and drinking tea surrounded by friends and family are my major sources of inspiration that I use for my illustrations.”

If you like Lieke’s style, check out the work of Ani Castillo too.







Abstract landscapes done in watercolors by Eva Lundsager


Ascendosphere 1, watercolor and sumi ink on paper, 12″ x 9″, 2008

Some abstract landscapes done in watercolors by Boston based artist Eva Lundsager. The bold bright colors simmer like molten rocks inside a volcano.

See more of Lundsager’s work on her website.


Ascendosphere 6, watercolor and sumi ink on paper, 12″ x 9″, 2008


Ascendosphere 10, watercolor and sumi ink on paper, 12″ x 9″, 2008



Ascendosphere 15 watercolor and sumi ink on paper, 12″ x 9″, 2008


Ascendosphere 7, watercolor and sumi ink on paper, 12″ x 9″, 2008

Paintings by Amy Judd


Amy Judd explores the relationship between women and seemingly fragile animals like birds and butterflies. Obscuring her subjects’ faces, Judd places feathers or flying creatures, themselves, in the foreground leaving the viewer’s imagination to complete the narrative.

About this series of pieces, Judd writes, “Recent avian work is a collection of sensitive silent moments; some full of whimsical intrigue, others more surreal and seductive. These paintings draw inspiration from the enchanting and imaginative relationship between women and birds found in traditional mythologies and folklores.”







San Francisco Area Event Picks for April 17 to April 23, 2014


“Made in China” at 1AM Gallery in San Francisco, CA

Friday April 18, 2014

Event: “Made in China” featuring Hong Kong-based graffiti writers, Xeme and Sinic, Opening Reception
When: Friday April 18, 6:30-9:30pm
Where: 1AM gallery 1000 Howard st. San Francisco, CA 94103

Event: “RESIDENCES” group exhibit, Opening Reception
When: Friday April 18, 6pm
Where:  Roll Up Gallery at Public Works 161 Erie Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Event: “Crash” a new series of collages from Hilary Pecis, Opening Reception
When: Friday April 18, 6pm
Where:  park life 220 Clement St. SF CA 94118

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Event: “Reversal of Interest” featuring new work by Gugger Petter, Opening Reception
When: Wednesday April 23, 5:30pm
Where:  Andrea Schwartz Gallery 545 4th Street San Francisco, CA 94107


Picture 31

“Crash” a new series of collages from Hilary Pecis at Park Life in San Francisco

“Women’s Suffrage” fiber art by Scrappy Annie


Women’s Suffrage” is a series of fiber art pieces by Scrappy Annie. The work (shown in the above image) depicts a female figure bound by rows of threading, immobilized and alone. About this piece, Scrappy Annie explained, “it came to life quite quickly when I was thinking about how some women live lives of solitude, bound by conventions or circumstances.”

See much more of the artist’s work on her flickr site.




Paintings of interiors by Liza Hirst


I like these paintings of interiors by London based artist Liza Hirst. Hirst is an extremely prolific artist – painting figures, still-lifes, urban landscapes, animals and more. See her extensive portfolio on Daily Painters.






Charcoal drawings by Donald Sultan


Some charcoal drawings by Donald Sultan. Known for using simple iconography in large-scale still life paintings, Sultan’s signature style is also evident in these drawings.

The artist’s work was recently shown in “Echos” at the Galerie Piece Unique in Paris, France (October 10 – December 13, 2013).






Photography merging portraiture and landscapes by Antonio Mora


Taking images from blogs and magazines, Antonio Mora blends together portraits and landscapes without letting one subsume the other. See much more of Mora’s work on his website.






Porcelain imaginary animals by Sophie Woodrow


United Kingdom based artist Sophie Woodrow sculpts clay into animals which, while clearly exist only in her imagination, appear life-like enough to be gazing back at their viewer, intently.

About her regal creations, Woodrow writes that her “work has been informed by an interest in the Victorians as the first generation who chose to define nature in opposition to what is human. In a spirit of wild curiosity, tinged with fear, the Victorians idolised nature, ‘packaging’ it into highly romanticised, palatable works of art. Our modern-day understanding is very different, so that we now interpret much Victorian art as ‘unnatural’ or kitsch.”






San Francisco Area Event Picks for April 10 to April 16, 2014


Work by Peter Gronquist to be shown at the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco, CA

Thursday April 10, 2014

Event: Etsy Night: Calligraphy and Hand Lettering
When: Thursday April 10, 7-9:30pm
Where: Museum of Craft and Design 2569 Third Street, Between 22nd and 23rd Streets, San Francisco, CA 94107

Event: New paintings by Gallery Bergelli artists Jose Basso, Bryn Craig, Carlos Catasse, Marco Farias, Santiago Garcia, Jeff Faust, Christiane Lazard, Greg Ragland and Stella Zee, Opening Reception
When: Thursday April 10, 12pm
Where:  Gallery Bergelli 483 Magnolia Avenue, Larkspur, CA 94939

Friday April 11, 2014

Event: SIX YEARS Anniversary Exhibit At E7S , Opening Reception
When: Friday April 11, 7pm
Where: Empire Seven Studios 525 N 7th Street San Jose, CA 95112

Saturday April 12, 2014

Event: ’Building By Rebuilding‘ – silent auction of donated works by local artists
When: Sunday April 12, 7pm
Where: Incline Gallery 766 Valencia St San Francisco, CA 94110

Event: “Make Stuff” a solo show from artist Peter Gronquist featuring new paintings, sculptures and taxidermy assemblages, Opening Reception
When: Sunday April 12, 7-11pm
Where: Shooting Gallery 886 Geary, San Francisco, CA, 94109

Event: “Infinite Chapters” a new solo show from artist Sergio Garcia, featuring distorted tricycles in unexpected shapes as well as a playful series of figurative sculpture, Opening Reception
When: Sunday April 12, 7pm
Where: White Walls Gallery, 886 Geary, San Francisco, CA 94109

Event: UNIVERSE: The Art of Existence, a multi-artist exhibition, Opening Reception
When: Sunday April 12, 6pm
Where:  Modern Eden Gallery 403 Francisco Street San Francisco, CA 94133

Sunday April 13, 2014

Event: 2014 Spring Open House at Headlands
When: Sunday April 13, 12-5pm
Where:  Headlands Center for the Arts 944 Fort Barry, Sausalito, CA 94965


Oil painting by Stella Zee to be shown at Gallery Bergelli in Larkspur, CA


Work by Sergio Garcia to be shown at the White Walls Gallery in San Francisco, CA

Picture 29

“UNIVERSE: The Art of Existence” at the Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco, CA