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Daniel Zeller draws on devotion


Invasive Seclusion, 2007, Ink, Acrylic on Paper, 13.5 x 11 inch

From a distance, the art of Daniel Zeller resembles many things: a satellite image from some far way land, a microscopic view of some organic mass, or a fleeting image from a remnant of a recent dream.  Their forms undulate and vibrate, coaxing the viewer to move closer and closer.  With each step the observer must re-evaluate what they imagine they are actually looking at.

While Zeller’s meticulous ink and acrylic patterns appear perfectly crafted and planned, he performs most using a “stream-of-consciousness” approach.  He has a visual language consisting of about 15 motifs which he incorporates into each drawing.  The relationships between these motifs, which may be used to create a network or a disconnect between forms, emerge spontaneously, one-at-a-time, as Zeller draws in his unpremeditated style.

Daniel Zeller is originally from the San Francisco bay area – San Rafael, CA. He trained as a sculptor but today spends most of his time drawing.


Daniel Zeller, Enforced Toxification, 2008 Ink, acrylic on paper 16.5 x 14 in
courtesy Pierogi Brooklyn



In this video Zeller talks about his life, work and processes.  His devotion to making art is inspiring.

* Images courtesy of Pierogi Brooklyn

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