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Jim Kazanjian remixes digital images

Places that could only exist in our dreams (or nightmares) – those are the amazing worlds Jim Kazanjian creates sitting at his computer using Photoshop.

Kazanjian has worked as a commercial CGI artist for the past 16 years in television and more recently in game production.  In his spare time, he pushes photography to another realm, tricking the human eye and challenging viewers to look beyond reality.

Interestingly Kazanjian does not shoot any of his own pictures, but rather manipulates assemblages of found photographs.  Explaining his process to Art Nouveau, he says “I tend to think of my work as composites. I take samples from various found photographs and layer them together to create a new photograph. I’m interested in building an image that has the capacity to unravel and begin to suggest something outside itself.”

*Images courtesy of Jim Kazanjian.

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