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Passion and destruction over Apple’s product line

Ever feel like shooting a bullet through your iPhone?  How about whacking your MacBook with a sledgehammer?

Crimes of passion – that is what artist Michael Tompert addresses in his latest work: our passion/obsession with Apple’s current line of products.

The past year, Tompert has destroyed many brand-new Apple products including the iPhone 4, the iPad, several iPod nanos and MacBook Airs.  He shoots them with handguns, torches them with blowtorches, and hacks them with sledgehammers.

Tompert’s idea originated after observing his children fight over the iPod Touches he had given them. Trying to explain that they were only meaningless gadgets, he smashed one in front of them.

“It was supposed to make them happy but it didn’t,” said Tompert. “I wanted to show them it was a just a thing. They were stunned. The whole house was silent that day.”

Then Tompert noticed that the insides were as beautiful as their outsides. Working with his photographer friend, Paul Fairchild, Tompert had the wreckage photographed and blown up into huge prints, some four-feet wide or more. They were intentionally shot to resemble the product shots Apple uses in its advertising campaigns.

Earlier this month, Tompert and Fairchilds’s photographic exhibition, 12LVE, appeared in San Francisco at the Live Worms Gallery.  Next month in December, it will be shown again at a gallery in Palo Alto.  The location and times have not yet been disclosed but I will post it in this blog when it is announced.

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