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ROA’s farewell work in Southern California

ROA at Salton Sea, California

Installation view of ROA at Salton Sea, California

Fresh from his exhibit at the New Puppy Gallery in Los Angeles, ROA, the street artist from Belgium, left a few reminders of his visit in southern California.

The two above images were done at Salton Sea, a saline lake located directly on the San Andreas Fault close to the California/Mexico border.  The Salton Sea area, sparsely populated, neglected and impoverished, resonates with themes found in ROA’s work.

The above image are two views of a piece left by ROA, located by the LA river.  In his usual style, ROA left something anatomical inside the box.

Yes! I’ve saved the biggest for last.  The above are 4 images of a mural painted by ROA on a giant wall of Manual Arts High School in South Central Los Angeles, an economically-challenged area of Los Angeles.  As you can see it is humongous which befits ROA’s organic flowing style which often features neglected animals indigenous to the area.

For another recent article on ROA’s work in LA see: “ROA’s animals arrive in Los Angeles.”

(images via Unurth)

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