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Happy Lunar New Year!

(left) Rabbit on boat, 1927, (right) Rabbit on boat (year unknown)

The tumultuous year of the Tiger has passed. The year of the Rabbit has arrived. According to the lunar horoscope, the rabbit is a happy animal who is content to stay close to home. So leave on your slippers and relax at home for 2011 🙂

The images in this post are from antique Nengajō (Japanese New Year’s greeting cards) from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston collection. How amazing that they are nearly 100 years old!

(left) Rabbits playing musical instruments, 1927, (right) Rabbits on bicycles, 1904

(left) Rabbit writing New Year's greeting on screen, year unknown, (right) Sumo-wrestling rabbits, 1927

(Pink Tentacle)

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