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Orticanoodles and the stencil

AGHIA SOPHIA[tribute to Shirley Temple]Stencil on wood – size 140×185 cm

Orticanoodles is the pen name for a talented duo of Italian graffiti artists, Alita and Wally. Using intricate hand-cut stencils, Orticanoodles has created an amazing series of images influenced by pop art. Their images feature abstract text, skeletons, and well-known personas like Andy Warhol, . . . → Read More: Orticanoodles and the stencil

Reel WiP by Colin Arlen

Reel WiP from Colin Arlen on Vimeo.

This must have been my weekend for discovering amazing time lapse films. In Reel WiP, Arlen shoots nimble-limbed bikers doing a dizzying array of tricks in San Francisco. Love how the music meshes with it.

. . . → Read More: Reel WiP by Colin Arlen