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Herakut leaves their mark in Los Angeles

Herakut is the German duo of two graffiti artists – individually named Hera and Akut. Their collaboration began when they first met in 2004 at the Urban Art Festival Sevilla in Spain. Since then they have been jointly producing stunning street art around the world.

Today, Herakut is in Los Angeles and keeping very busy.  Recently they participated in the opening of the show Outside/In at LeBasse Projects’ Culver City Gallery. Outside/In features a group of internationally-known contemporary street artists, including Herakut (Germany), Case (Germany), Hush (UK), Alexandros Vasmoulakis (Greece), SharkToof (USA) and Bumblebee (USA).

After the LA exhibit, Outside/In and the participating artists will continue to New Hampshire. The New Hampshire exhibit, opening May 11th, will showcase a separate series of paintings. The artists will be traveling to paint a selection of walls throughout the city,

Before setting off to New Hampshire, Herakut just completed the murals (shown below) on a couple walls in Los Angeles.

Herakut X Case, mural located at the Manual Arts High School

If you want to see more of Herakut’s work and read about their creative processes, the duo has a book out – Herakut: The Perfect Merge. It contains some beautiful images of their work.

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