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Meg Hitchcock reassembles holy books letter by letter

by Meg Hitchcock, click on image to see a larger version

Brooklyn-based artist Meg Hitchock has other-worldly ambitions. In her series Mantras & Meditations, she selects passages from religious texts such as the Bible, the Koran, and the Torah and cuts the letters from one passage to form the text of another. For example, she may cut up a passage, letter by letter, from the Old Testament of the Bible and reassemble it, letter by letter, to form a passage from an ancient Tantric text. The result forms a continuous line of text, without spaces or punctuation.

To follow a line of text in one of Hitchcock’s pieces one has to concentrate intensely, with eyes unblinking while following the undulating typographic collage.  Examining Hitchcock’s pieces from a distance is equally spell-binding – like following a line of ants through a maze. What does it all mean? Hitchock, a 1996 BFA graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute, says “(it) … serves as a visual mantra of devotion.”

by Meg Hitchcock (click on image to see detail)

by Meg Hitchcock (click on image to see detail)

In Hitchock’s most recent work at Famous Accountants, she recreated the entire Book of Revelation, the last book of the Christian New Testament, with the text cut out from an English translation of the Koran. The reconstructed text from the Book of Revelations runs across gallery walls and floors like an endless rope of words. See a video of that installation as well as a brief interview here:


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