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‘Plaid benches’ by Raw Edges as shown in Milan Design Week 2011

'Plaid Benches' by Raw Edges

I have a penchant for plaids – shirts, dresses, curtains, you name it – so when I saw these plaid benches by London based-studio Raw Edges my heart skipped a few beats.

Last year, Raw Edges designed ‘Plaid Bench‘ as part of the bench 10 project – organized by The Lollipop Shoppe. This year, for Milan Design Week 2011 Raw Edges re-presented ‘Plaid Bench‘ in collaboration with the Italian gallery Dilmos.  The designers of Raw Edges, Yael Mer and Shay Akalay, sought to alter the common archetype of the bench by deconstructing the common bench and rearranging its pattern to be similar to that of a textile plaid.

Plaid Bench is assembled out of several different types of iconic benches – the classroom bench, picnic bench, street bench and nursery bench. The benches interlock into one another horizontally and vertically. To achieve the finished plaid pattern, the benches were painted and machined so they could be connected into each other in cross lap joineries (for details, see the last figure on this post). Each piece in the collection is unique with a graphic aesthetic reminiscent of iconic plaid and check patterns.

'Plaid Benches' by Raw Edges

'Plaid Benches' by Raw Edges

Using five archetypal benches as their starting point, Yael Mer and Shay Akalay, reconstructed the bench from its predecessors. Below are images of the archetypes they worked from along with the process of assembly –


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