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Wendy Robushi searches within the Mandala

Infinity Spiral Oil, wax, and mixed media on wood panel. 12"H x 12"W (by Wendy Robushi)

San Francisco artist Wendy Robushi has created a compelling body of work around the ancient yet time-enduring form of the mandala. Painting, drawing, and scratching, Robushi builds rich multi-layered complex surfaces. Using color, Robushi creates either a vibrant beaming mandala, or a mandala that sits just below the surface waiting to be found.

Robushi’s incorporation of repeated ambiguous symbols – like the word “infinity” – is intriguing. Looking at the Infinity Spiral, one becomes hypnotized by the text and undulating colors while following the circular form around and around. Robushi says, “Often, I work with repetition, particularly the repetition of a symbol, word… While working in this repetitive manner, the creating of the piece becomes a visual mantra for me, and the creation of the painting has as much importance as the finished work.” In Robushi’s installation piece “Infinite – No Separation,” she pushes the idea of the importance of the process in art-making by camouflaging her body¬† – thus visually losing herself within her work.

Robushi’s work will be on display this weekend at the Hunter’s Point Spring Open Studios – Building 101, Studio #2219.

"Infinite - No Separation" Wall installation

"Sky Mandala" Oil and mixed media on canvas 36"H x 48"W

Infinite Yellow Spiral Oil, wax and mixed media on wood panel 12"H x 12"W (bu Wendy Robushi)

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