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“The American Landscape at the Tipping Point” by Alex MacLean at the Robert Koch Gallery in San Francisco

Alex MacLean: Vermont Field Burning, Middlebury, Vermont, 2006

The amazing aerial photography of Alex MacLean is being shown at the Robert Koch Gallery in San Francisco. For over thirty years MacLean has been documenting the changing American landscape, with special interest on how we (humans) have manipulated and transformed the environment.

Filled with bold color, texture, and pattern, MacLean’s aerial images are visually compelling albeit ominous. In The American Landscape at the Tipping Point, MacLean captures the proliferation of housing developments, parking lots and agricultural fields that embody the profound impact of human habitation on our planet. MacLean says, “I seek out odd occurrences in the physical landscape that serve as metaphors for shifts in societal values. These images tell important stories about our cultural standards.

The American Landscape at the Tipping Point will be showing at the Robert Koch Gallery through July 2, 2011.

Alex MacLean: Windmills at Tehachapi Pass, Tehachapi, California, 1991

Alex MacLean, Junk Yard Along River, Southeastern New Hampshire, 1991

Alex MacLean, Bay Channel, Newark, California, 1984

Alex MacLean, Housing Patch on Desert Floor, Congress, Arizona, 2005

Alex MacLean, Turkey Point Cooling Canals, Homestead, Florida, 2007

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