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Colin Johnson hyper-collages natural forms



(detail of above image)

I am intrigued by these intricate mixed-media pieces by Minnesota-based illustrator Colin Johnson. Johnson calls them “hyper collage” because he tries to “pack as much detail (painting and collage) into one piece as conceivably possible.

Over the past 3-4 years, Johnson’s work has reflected his growing interest in environmental issues such as pollution and the neglect of earth’s resources. Within a single piece, the artist contrasts highly detailed collage work with a variety of straight painting techniques. Usually the imagery depicted is of plant forms, some real, some fantastical. Johnson’s pieces contain so many levels of detail that they can be enjoyed from afar, or as close as an eyelash away from the surface!

To see some step-by-step images showing the artist’s creation process, click here.

Picture 1

Picture 7

Picture 2


(left) original (right) detail of left


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