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Unexpected anatomical forms found in the sculptural work of Maskull Lasserre

Secret Carpentry 2011 Carved Axe 27 x 6 x 2 inches

Canadian artist Maskull Lasserre has a way of finding anatomical parts in everyday objects. Combine that skill with his talent for rendering complex sculptural forms and you get some pretty amazing work. In Secret Carpentry (see the images above), Lasserre “finds” the skeleton of a snake in an axe. In “Three Degrees of Certainty” (see image below), Lasserre carves a human skull out of computer software manuals. In “Mammoth and Bird” (see image below), a warbler bird is carved into a cutting-board and cleaver. Pretty wild!

Lasserre describes his body of work as “explor(ing) the unexpected potential of the everyday through allegories of value, expectation, and utility. Elements of nostalgia, accident, humor, and the macabre are incorporated into works that induce strangeness in the familiar, and provoke uncertainty in the expected.

For those in Montreal this November, Lasserre will be having a solo show at the Pierre-François Ouellette art contemporain (PFOAC).

"Three Degrees of Certainty" 2007 Carved computer software manuals, steel, hardware

"Mammoth and Bird" 2011 carved cutting-board and cleaver 14 x 23 x 3 inches

"Migration" (detail) 2008 Carved woden coat hangers 40 x 12 x 8 inches Bird wing bones carved into wooden coat hangers.

Four Foot Length 2006 Carved mapel bough, paint, lumber, hardware


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