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“Gravity Glue” rock sculptures by Michael Grab

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 2.07.30 PM

I’d love to go rafting down a river and pass by one of these installations! They are part of the ongoing Gravity Glue series created by Colorado artist Michael Grab. All the rock sculptures in Grab’s work are created without glue or any other mechanism to hold them upright, ergo the name Gravity Glue.

Michael Grab sees balancing rocks as an artistic and spiritual expression of living a meditative life. Grab explains, “The formations act like beacons that inspire interactions with spirit. Intricately balanced rocks spur reactions ranging from disbelief to pure reverence as if they speak to your subconscious. Many people liken the formations to people, and groups or “gardens” to communities of people. They describe a common sensation of increased energy dancing among the gardens. I have also felt this phenomenon since the first rocks I began balancing, and I often create formations with some kind of entity in mind.

Grab’s pieces are a stirring homage to the natural world. Check out the Gravity Glue website to see more photographs.





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