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The architectural disorder and decay of Marjan Teeuwen

"Destroyed House" by Marjan Teeuwen

Dutch artist Marjan Teeuwen takes the leftover fragments from abandoned buildings and then re-assembles them to create “new” spaces in studios or galleries/museums. In a project entited Destroyed House (see the above photo), Teeuwen removed the walls from a post-war apartment block in Amsterdam and sawed the building’s doors into thousands of strips. The pieces of the walls and doors were then layered to construct partitions used to create the “new” walls. To connect the rooms of the re-built space, Teeuwen cut holes through the walls and floors.

In other projects, Teeuwen sorts various detritus of life by color and texture and then crams them in small rooms creating a space which appears to be on the verge of collapse.

Does order spawn disorder? Can destruction and decay create reborn spaces? Whatever…  it’s all fascinating.



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