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“Zero Gravity” paintings by Rebecca Rutstein


“Beyond the Veil” Acrylic on Wood 36inx36in, 2011

During an online visit to the Painting Center in NYC, I discovered the wonderful paintings of Rebecca Rutstein, one of the artists featured in the current “Shifting Speeds” exhibition.  According to Rutstein, she invents “landscapes of systems and forces without a sense of place, scale or gravity.” In her latest series, “Zero Gravity,” the landscapes are composed of components that look like netting, or veils of honeycomb shapes and grids. Using bright colors like pink and green, the Philadelphia-based artist creates layers upon layers of these porous organic structures. Dazzling and intriguing.

Rutstein says, “In some of the paintings I work with motifs of modular structures similar to those that make up space stations and satellites, yet eerily reminiscent of genome structures. This micro-macro interplay has been an ongoing theme in my work. I attempt to construct spaces that fluctuate between atmospheric and graphic, linear and volumetric, micro and macro, abstract and real. What keeps painting alive for me is this elusive challenge.”


“Navigating the Crush” acylic on canvas, 48in x 60in, 2011

Screen shot 2013-08-25 at 5.27.50 PM


“Another State of Mind” acrylic on wood, 36in x 36in, 2011


“A Love that flowed like Olympus Mons” acrylic on wood, 36in x 36in, 2011

"Losing Gravity" acrylic on wood, 48in x 60in, 2011

“Losing Gravity” acrylic on wood, 48in x 60in, 2011

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