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Posters for “No Country for Old Men”

I was (pleasantly) reminded of the Coen brothers’ movie “No Country for Old Men” when I ran across this just released poster (above) for the upcoming July 24th screening of the film at Prince Charles Cinema in London. While I don’t particularly like violent crime dramas – and this one is unusually ferocious – I loved “No Country for Old Men.” Bloody but beautiful, horrifying yet comedic – it’s one of the best films I’ve seen in the past decade.

Read how the poster’s designer, James White of Signalnoise Studio, describes his approach to creating his work, here.

For kicks, I’ve also included other posters made for “No Country for Old Men” below, courtesy of the Movie Poster Database.

(left) poster from the USA (right) poster from Japan

(left) magazine cover from Turkey, (right) poster from Portugal

(left) DVD cover from the USA, (right) theatrical poster from the USA

Logo from the USA

Poster from Switzerland

(movieposterdb, laughingsquid)

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