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Installations about trees by Julie Dodd

“Pores for Thought” installation views

UK based artist Julie Dodd expresses her concern for trees in our perilous environment through these three installations. “Pores for Thought” was inspired by the patterns formed by the pores in trees. Using rolled pieces of paper, Dodd creates snowflake-like units, each representing the cross-section of a tree.

In “Illegal Logging,” the artist says, “Our ancient forests are disappearing rapidly and are greatly under threat from Illegal Logging. Deforestation means more carbon dioxide in the air which adds to our problem of Climate Change. But this isn’t the only problem it’s causing, it funds other criminal activities, threatens the lives of indigenous people and could also cause irreversible damage to the plant and animal life surrounding those trees.

Inspired by the texture of lung tissue, Dodd took entire bound books and carved porcupine-like shapes from the outer edges of their pages. Splayed on the floor, the altered books in the installation “Forest: Lungs of the World” look like a surreal collection of lungs.

“Illegal Logging” views of an installation

“Forest: Lungs of the World” installation views

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