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Abstract paintings by Yangyang Pan


These paintings by Canada based painter Yangyang Pan remind me that Spring will be coming soon. The images look like abstractions of landscapes and close-up views of flowers. I love how she creates the illusion of light.

From the artist’s website, “(Pan’s) Her current work focuses on the contrasts found in Nature. Beauty and cruelty, its hostility and hospitality are at the foundation of her inquiry. In this present body of abstract paintings she develops a visual language that expresses her inspiration taken from natural optical cues and infuses it with spirit and spontaneity sourced from emotions within.”

Pan’s work will be showing at the Artist Project Juried Contemporary Art Fair 2013, Feb 21-24, 2013, in Toronto, Canada.





1 comment to Abstract paintings by Yangyang Pan

  • JoAnna Huerta

    As I was going through my Tumblr dashboard, I came across one of these paintings and it immediately stole my attention. It is such an inspiration! So beautiful.

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