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‘Madness is Part of Life’ installation by Ernesto Neto


Enormous soft biomorphic structures that you can wander through and swing on. Sounds like a playground. Yes and no. It is an installation by Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto which was recently on display at Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo. ‘Madness is Part of Life‘ invites viewers to experience its form and material. The suspended nets hold masses filled with thousands of plastic balls. Viewers interact with the installation by wandering through the netted corridors, lounging upon the amorphous masses, and touching the soft material.

About ‘Madness is Part of Life,‘ Neto writes, “…we would like to challenge some human positions which place us at the center of the universe, multiverse, etc. The idea that takes our mind out of our body as if it were something supernatural beyond nature, as culture would be out of nature and not part of it. Life is bigger than us and we are part of it; if there is a God, God is nature, we are a special little part, but still a part.”






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