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Huey Ming Lee channels the discomfort of allergies into paper art


Spring is coming, pollen fills the air, and I am suffering with a runny nose and clogged nasal passages. 🙁 In my life, there is no relief in sight, but artist Huey Ming Lee was able to channel her experience with allergies into, of all things, paper art!

In the project called “”Noticing the unnoticed,” the paper artist and graphic designer based in Auckland, New Zealand, translates her life with allergies into these organic abstract paper sculptures. During childhood, Lee suffered from asthma, eczema and sinusitis problems. Now her memories of these disorders are expressed in three-dimensional form with tulip-shaped paper spores, large globules hanging from the ceiling, and an open cavity featuring an array of perfectly formed white sores and blisters. Lovely! (seriously).





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