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Watercolor scrolls by Sky Kim


The works of artist Sky Kim take on a life of their own, snaking down the wall, writhing across the floor, extending as long as 30 feet. Drawing upon the experience of losing her twin sister at birth, Kim creates these dense organic forms which appear to undulate before your eyes. When asked about her twin sister in an interview with Artlog the artist responded, “I believe remembering her in my art is a way to complete my being as every old and new cell of my body remembers every minute I was with her. I first learned about her at age 11 and I understood right away why I had felt empty inside and was always seeking images in the clouds and horizon as a little girl. I have never stopped seeking answers as an adult.

About Kim’s process she says, “I simply lay out the whole process of my struggle on a piece of paper… I listen to my noisy, scattered mind: the conscious presence, then the deeper self behind or underneath the humongous ego, which causes a serious leakage of vital energy. Then I let these noises subside and gradually sense the stillness that was obscured by my mind just a moment ago. As every sound is born out of silence, I try to listen to the stillness. Then, I feel a subtle emanation of the joy of Being and the power of potential energy and this raised vibration creates the work.





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