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Book-based art by Pam Langdon



Book artist Pam Langdon breathes new life into unwanted books. Folded and rolled, the pages from each book create an overall form which exudes movement and energyI love the way she displays her pieces in boxes as if they were natural specimens.

In her artist’s statement, Langdon writes, “Casting shadows of their previous lives, they are cut and bound and metamorphosed into precious specimens. The labyrinth of folds and curls entices the reader for closer inspection of their mysterious new life.”

Langdon’s work was most recently shown this spring (April 2013) in a solo show entitled “Paper Wasp” at the Freight Gallery in Fremantle, Washington.

Picture 14

Screen shot 2013-06-06 at 11.11.29 PM

“the Amazing Mrs Pollifax”


detail of “Britannica Metamorphosis”

Picture 15

Tales to Digest



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