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Colorful murals and buildings by HENSE


RVA Mural, 2013, Richmond, Virginia, Site-specific installation commissioned by Venture Richmond, House paint and aerosol on building

Alex Brewer (aka HENSE) combines the visual vocabulary of graffiti with abstract expressionism to build these enormous murals, some of which wrap around entire buldings. The Atlanta, GA based artist scribbles, drips and splashes paint, producing brightly colored areas which are lively and peaceful at the same time.

Describing his process, Brewer says, “I generally work on things in a very instinctive way. I paint, spray or draw shapes and marks, then decide on what stays and what goes. I try to never be afraid to paint over something or make changes, allowing breakthroughs to the other side. Sometimes the part you hate the most about a painting becomes the most layered and interesting area once you’ve destroyed it.


ISIL Institute, 2013, Lima, Peru, Exterior latex, 137 feet tall and 170 feet wide


details of mural on ISIL Institute


700 Delaware, 2012, Washington DC, House paint and aerosol


details of Church in Washington DC


Float 2012, Atlanta, GA, Exterior latex enamel and aerosol on concrete, 20×150 feet


Eastern Shore, 2010, Oyster, VA, Public mural painted on the remains of an abandoned oyster factory on the eastern shore of Virginia, Latex house paint and aerosol

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