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Paintings by Robert Roth


LANDSCAPE #45 2013 48×48 Acrylic, Oil stick on Canvas

Just when I thought I’d seen every possible permutation of colors and placements of a sun setting on a distant horizon I run across these by Robert Roth. With quick brush strokes and an earthy rich color palette, the Ohio based artist paints dazzling images of our brightest star’s daily decline. In his artist’s statement, Roth writes, “I like to be spontaneous, by abstracting the forms I try to create a sense of mood and atmosphere.


LANDSCAPE #62 2013 48×48


LANDSCAPE #70 2013 48×48


ESTUARY 2013 47×36 Acrylic, Oil stick on Canvas


LANDSCAPE #71 2013 48×48 Acrylic, Oil stick on Canvas


LANDSCAPE #34 2012 36×36 Acrylic, oilstick on canvas


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