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“Butsu (Transparent Buddha)” sculptures made from cardboard by Yuji Honbori


Kobe based artist Yuji Honbori harvests discarded cardboard from garbage bins to create these large-scale sculptures of Buddhist deities. Beginning from the center of the form, Honburi inserts each layer of cardboard as a cross-sectional slice. Each slice is added with an air gap so that the final 3-dimensional shape allows light to permeate and the final piece gently undulates with the ambient air flow.

In Honburi’s artist statement, he writes, “This expression of Buddha is felt from the very first cross section and grows stronger as the layers are stacked in three dimensions. The light gives an almost x-ray sense, but even the slightest change in perspective transforms your view of the piece. The colorful and textural surfaces of the cardboard completes the ambiance with a touch of pop. This is the study of lightness and weight, of old being made new, trash being transformed to treasure. A cardboard heart beats within the sculpture and reflects its mortality. The circle within represents an eternal soul. And although this is not art that will survive the ages, for now it is beautiful and alive. The cardboard once living a life of function, had been reincarnated into the light.”










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