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Vintage mixed-media piece by Kate Tucker

It could be a necklace, a wall hanging, a headdress.

It is a lovely mixed-media piece by Kate Tucker, a Melbourne, Australia based artist.

The abstract brushstrokes of Erin Lawlor

London, England based artist Erin Lawlor uses bold brushstrokes to create abstract spaces which remind me of rock formations in the American Southwest. Built with a limited palette and successive layers of paint, these forms have an amazing sense of depth.

The artist recently had a show at the George Lawson Gallery in San . . . → Read More: The abstract brushstrokes of Erin Lawlor

Patterns painted by Terrence Payne

Minneapolis based artist Terrence Payne creates patterns based upon unusual motifs. In Payne’ large scale oil pastel drawings, spotted frogs, chickens and women’s faces spread rhythmically across the paper. The artist is currently applying his talents to creating a new line of wallpaper at Hygge & West.

. . . → Read More: Patterns painted by Terrence Payne