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“Women’s Suffrage” fiber art by Scrappy Annie


Women’s Suffrage” is a series of fiber art pieces by Scrappy Annie. The work (shown in the above image) depicts a female figure bound by rows of threading, immobilized and alone. About this piece, Scrappy Annie explained, “it came to life quite quickly when I was thinking about how some women live lives of solitude, bound by conventions or circumstances.”

See much more of the artist’s work on her flickr site.




3 comments to “Women’s Suffrage” fiber art by Scrappy Annie

  • Love the work in fiber arts. Keep up the great work. We’ll be featuring it for those who love suffrage history and celebrate this period of history in all the creative arts.

    • Eyeswoon

      Thanks, Marguerite! I love the theme and concept of your website “Lets Rock the Cradle” devoted to the women’s suffrage movement. – Rose (Editor for “Made In Slant.”

  • flo

    Looking to get more information on the artist. I lover her fiber art and would love to use her for a Women in art & history class I am taking. I tried to find her but have been unsuccessful, I really love the meanings in her art, there are beautiful and meaningful!

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