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Abstract landscape paintings by Philip Govedare

Breathtaking work by Seattle based artist Philip Govedare. Govedare creates paintings that resemble photographs of aerial landscapes. He is currently a Professor at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Explaining his work, Govedare says, “My work is both a response to and an interpretation of the world, but it also imparts sentiment through projection . . . → Read More: Abstract landscape paintings by Philip Govedare

Willow sculptures of animals by Bob Johnston

Northern Ireland based artist Bob Johnston constructs figures of domesticated animals out of willow branches. Originally trained as a textile weaver, Johnston applies his love of the tactile to twisting and bending wooden reeds to form these expressive creatures.

On his website, the artist writes, “The sculptures have evolved from the traditional basket weaving . . . → Read More: Willow sculptures of animals by Bob Johnston

Drawings by Cristina Galeote

Some nice drawings by Cristina Galeote. See more of Galeote’s work on her website.

. . . → Read More: Drawings by Cristina Galeote

Crochet and embroidered sculptures of mold by ELIN

Allergic reactions, asthma attacks, permanent lung damage. Mold can trigger serious health problems. Yet, it is fascinating to behold – expanding, discoloring and deforming its host. ELIN creates textile and crochet nature studies both to wear and to display. See more of their creations here.

. . . → Read More: Crochet and embroidered sculptures of mold by ELIN

Paper-cut illustrations by Louise Jenkins

Worcestershire based artist Louise Jenkins paints, cuts and layers paper to form stylized images of animals and other natural forms. By day, Jenkins works as a Senior Designer at Royal Worcester Porcelain where she created the Jamie Oliver line of cook, table and giftware.

See more of the artist’s work here.

. . . → Read More: Paper-cut illustrations by Louise Jenkins

Animal illustrations by Barry Falls

Today I’m enjoying the animal-centric whimsical illustrations of Belfast, Northern Ireland based artist Barry Falls.

In his website, Falls writes that his “work is an exploration of hand-drawn marks, textures, and imperfect repetition, and is inspired by everything from popular culture – movies, music, television – to tiny details half remembered from everyday life.”

. . . → Read More: Animal illustrations by Barry Falls

Giant pigeon painted on an abandoned home by Super A

Pigeons may be a common sight around abandoned buildings but this one is a real head-turner. It was painted by Netherlands based artist Super A. See more of SuperA’s work on his website.

Collage and drawings by Treasure Frey

The artist with the fairy-tale like name, Treasure Frey, creates these spellbinding pieces which at first glance appear delicate and controlled, but the longer you stare seem to vibrate off the edges of the paper.

It is fascinating to see how Frey’s current work developed from her earlier more literal pieces consisting of enigmatic . . . → Read More: Collage and drawings by Treasure Frey

Paintings by Meghan Howland

Portland, Maine based artist Meghan Howland paints women and children caught in swarms of birds or flowers. The surreal quality of the images creates the feeling of drama and tension.

Later this year, Howland’s work will be showing in a group exhibition called “Flowering” at the Nancy Margolis Gallery in New York City (June . . . → Read More: Paintings by Meghan Howland

Sketchbook inspiration: Erika Kuhn

Some inspiring drawings from the sketchbook of Erika Kuhn. See much more of Kuhn’s work here.

. . . → Read More: Sketchbook inspiration: Erika Kuhn