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Portrait paintings by Kris Knight

“Just finished crying,” “Haven’t slept for a few days,” “Leave me alone.” These are the type of phrases I would expect to hear from the lips of Canadian artist Kris Knight‘s subjects. Or, they might just as well remain silent; the piercing eyes, pink noses and shadow-lined faces contain their secrets.

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Abstract landscapes by Belynda Henry

Australia based artist Belynda Henry paints abstract landscapes. Inspired by her everyday environment in rural New South Wales, Henry translates the mountains, trees, and lakes into bright blocks of color, surrendering detail for repetition of shapes and bouncing light.

The artist currently has an exhibit called “Jigsaw” at Anthea Polson Art in Queensland, Australia.

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Sketchbook inspiration: Francesco Chiacchio

I like these scratchy sketches by Francesco Chiacchio. See more of Chiacchio’s sketches on his tumble site.

If you like this artist’s style, check out the work of Filip Peraic too.

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